Mary Hirose

Mary Hirose is a GoE Professional Member in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
Mary Hirose
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Greetings!  "Give me the perfect place, in time and space..." 

I'm first generation Genius Symbols graduate,

first generation Project Santuary graduate (does that make me a Project Sanctuary Master? I forget..)

first generation Creative Writing 101 graduate

I have taken the author tutoring program with Silvia, and

the Love Clinic first weekend workshop with Sandra Hillawi

I'm currently taking the Animal Energy Healing course tutored by Barbara Saph, something I had always planned on taking, but after I had the opportunity to relocate a small skunk into a new woods home, two weeks ago I had a strong urge to do this course now. I love it!!  In doing the exercises so far I've already experienced a deeper connection, and more depth in the relationships with the turtles and cats who share my house at this moment. 

Each of these courses has brought out a dimension of myself to be explored, developed and nurtured, at the perfect time.  

I am a writer, I published my fiction book 'Brodie's Boys' in Nov. 2013, and an artist, and a lover of nature and animals, they are part of my soul.  

I'm writing a cookbook and a series of nature photography books, also a sequel to Brodie's Boys, and other long and short pieces of fiction, and art photography.




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